Working with us will shape your career from the inside out.

Despite the rumor that manufacturing is dying, DMS is hiring talented workers in the Detroit area who are ready to be part of a hands on culture with a leadership team that is dedicated to your individual training, growth and advancement goals.

Salaried PositionsHourly Positions

Why work for us?

At DMS you will be part of a small team environment in a people-focused culture. The leadership team, coming from established, successful careers, are focused on building a business through building people. We are proudly affiliated with the UAW Local 600 and assure that whatever your role is, we will constantly provide you with the support and learning that you need to succeed.


Our Core Values:

A Great Place to Work – We strive to create a small team, family environment that daily motivates you to be here.

Excellence and the Pursuit of Perfection – We want to build products people can be proud of.

Personal and Corporate Growth – We prepare you with a range of knowledge that facilitates internal advancement and aligns with your personal goals.

Diversity at Every Level – We believe that diversity is critical to our culture and innovation success.

Building a Strong and Vibrant Community – We believe it is our duty to support our local community and be a catalyst for economic growth.

Salary Positions 

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Hourly Positions

  • Assembler
  • Process Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Electrician

If you are interested in any of these hourly positions please contact one of the following locations:

Detroit Employment Solutions – South                      Detroit Employment Solutions – North              Detroit Employment Solutions – East

455 W. Fort St., 5th Flr.                                                  707 W. Milwaukee Ave , 2nd Flr.                        5555 Conner Ave. 1st Flr.

Phone: 1-313-962-9675  x 116





Here what our employees have to say!

“This is my first time working for a start-up company and there is so much room for growth and opportunity” – Carl

“The culture is very diverse. I’m excited to see a lot of women and men, and different nationalities.” – Kandace

“I truly enjoy working for DMS. The whole culture makes you really want to be here for a while. They basically train you for nothing but success.” – Greg